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Internet center

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The rules of the Internet-center use
- book the time of work at the Internet-center in person or on the phone 2-39-82;
- get the individual or collective consultation regarding the search of information on the Internet;
- use the Internet-center its facilities and software to search for necessary information on the Internet during the set time limit;
- use the Internet no longer than 1 hour;
- continue one's work on the Internet in the case of absence of the next user in the line until the time of the next order;
- copy the information from the Internet on the disk having the consultant's agreement;
- printout the necessary information with the printer;
- use the additional literature that is to be found in the Internet-centre.
- if necessary to copy the information to provide the consultant of the center with one`s own clean disks for copying;
- inform the consultant of any defects;
- to take care of the Internet-center`s equipment, technical and software provision. We ask that you do not:
- change the computer`s adjustment and software provision, install any software provision from the Internet or one`s own disks to the Internet-centre computers;
- keep one's files on the computer;
- use non formatted and defective disks;
- use one`s own CDs and other users' passwords;
- use the Internet with one`s own commercial ( advertising, trade etc. ), illegal (breach of copyright etc.), and non esthetic ( viewing pornographic sites) aims, and for injuring other people or organizations;
- use Internet games or group chats;
- break the business rhythm, to impede on other users' work;
- use and spread illegal materials;
- switch off or reboot the computer;
- download and use software licenses;
- the Internet-centre does not provide e-mail boxes;
- the administration keeps the right to prohibit the usage of the Internet-centre for breaking the rules of employment

The administration of the library warns: the user bears the responsibility for the damaging of the equipment and software according to the current legislation.